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Related post: Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 18:54:56 -0800 (PST) From: mike p Subject: rest stop fun (incest/urination-raunch) Part of the job requirements for the company I worked for at the time that these events took place, was to go around and visit child porno bilder our clients and make sure that everything they needed was being taken care of. Because our clients were spread all over the Eastern Seaboard, I usually had to go on alot of road trips, and sometimes, (because of their schedule and mine) I had a day or two of free time in between clients, when I had nothing else to do except either hang around whatever motel I happened to be staying in at the time, or find something else to do. This is the story about when I found something else much more interesting to do. One Friday, in the middle of summer, as i was on my way back to my motel, I noticed that there was a rest area on the freeway not far from where I was staying for the weekend. I had a few more clients to child cunt fuck see on monday but had saturday and sunday to myself. As was usual for the rest stops in this area of the state, there was one on the southbound side of the freeway, and one on the northbound side. The rest stop on the northbound side had rest rooms and a vending area, whereas the one on the southbound side had no facilities at all, and even more interesting, (to me anyway) was that it also had no lights. And even though it was just past dusk, there were 2 or three semis and a couple of cars already parked there. Which seemed to me to be the ideal place for having some fun. So, after children porno club checking in at the motel, I changed into my favorite black tee shirt, a jock dark child tgp strap that i had owned for around 10 years and had never yet seen the inside of a washing machine, a pair of cut off sweatpants, socks and a pair of work boots, and jumped in my car and headed for the unlit rest area. It was around 9pm and quite dark when i parked, but there was enough moonlight that I could still see there were a couple of semis, a few cars, and an old beat up Ford pickup truck already parked there. I smoked half of one of the child sex blowjob joints i had with me and got out of the car to investigate. All of the cars were empty, and when i got up to the pickup, I could see why. There was a guy (naked from the waist down kinder child tgp child sexo - except for his shoes) bent over the hood of the pickup being fucked by another guy and a line of 3 or 4 guys waiting patiently, (and stroking their cocks) for their turn. I wasn't feeling like standing in line, so, I walked further on, and came to a semi with a sleeper cab, with just its interior lights on, and a guy standing nude children girls on the running board on the passenger side looking in the window and stroking his cock. I walked a little further and looked back to see the driver of the truck standing between the seats, naked and stroking his cock. As I watched, mafia porn children the guy on the outside opened the door and climbed in... and as he did, the interior lights of the truck went out. I decided to check on them later and walked further on til i came to the next truck. Once again, the interior lights were on, and seeing that there was no one standing on the running board, I decided I'd climb up and look in. Turned out i didn't have to though, because just as I got close to the door, it popped open and child fisting mpg the driver got out. He was a big hairy guy, dark curly hair, full beard, and probably 5 or 6 years older than me.(just how I like them), and the best part was, he was naked except for child abuse reports his jock (which i soon found out was as naked children gallery porno litle childrens dingy and well used as the one i was wearing) and a pair of work boots. He stood there for a second or two, scratched childfuck movie his hairy butt a bit, pulled out his cock and proceeded to take a piss. I decided to throw caution to the wind and said, "I hate to see that going to waste... wouldn't you rather have a nice warm mouth to piss in?" He immediately cut the flow off, and turned to face me, and stood there waiting for me to get closer. I got down on my knees in front of child free porn him, opened my mouth, and said, "Let it go man, and if your aim isn't too good, don't worry about it. When it comes to piss, the only thing i like better than drinking straight from the tap, is getting doused by a hot man like you. He gave me a sexy grin and waited as i got free pics childfuck comfortable in my position, pulled his foreskin back and got my mouth on his cock, porno sex children and then let loose with a pretty strong stream child sex thumb of tasty piss that quickly filled my mouth faster than i could swallow. Which was fine with me, because whatever I couldn't swallow, spilled out of my mouth and all over my children nude pussy shirt, shorts, and jock. The latina naked child stream child porno dvd seemed to go on forever, and when it was done, I licked and sucked off all the cheese i could find under his foreskin, and then moved down and started licking his fragrant, sweaty, shaved, egg sized nuts. From the moans and groans I was hearing from him, not to mention the way his cock was getting hard, I could tell I had found a guy who enjoyed a good tongue bath as much as anal childs pics I free sexpics child liked giving one, so, I stopped licking his balls and looked up at him and said. "Do you like having your asshole licked?" He gave me another one of his sexy grins, and said, "your damn right I do, but let's get inside and maybe i can return the ilegal sites child favor." Then nude children illegal he turned around and started climbing back into the truck. 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I love the smell. He grinned child porn vids again (man o man this guy was sexy... I could have almost cum just from seeing the expression on his face.) while I got into position, he took a couple more good whiffs from the bottle. childpormn Then he proceeded to slowly squat down onto my face. His asshole was also shaved, a bit sweaty, but otherwise clean, and I could tell there had been other things up his hole besides a tongue by the way it opened up as he was on the way down. As soon as my tongue touched his hole, he groaned appreciably, and then bent over and pretty much swallowed my cock. My cock was so hard I could child kds nude have broken ice with it and super childrensex free pics sensitive because of the leather cock ring I was wearing. His asshole was wonderful, it opened right up and i was able to porno children free get my tongue way up inside, but from the way child girl pussy he was sucking my dick, I knew it wouldn't be long before I was filling his mouth with cum. 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I knew what he child incest tgp wanted, so i lay on of him and gave him an open mouthed kiss, and we passed the fluids back and forth and then naked children photo we each swallowed what was left in our mouths. Then I laid down beside him and we simpsons child porn rested for illegal childsex pics gay child pics awhile. We must have dosed for awhile, because the child nudest photos next thing I knew I had to take a wicked piss, so I started to get up. "Where are xxx child hardcore you going?" he said. "I've got to pee." He said, "so do I" So, instead of getting up, I turned around and lay on top of him again with my dick in his mouth and child porno ftp his hairy children pussy in mine, and we sucked the piss out of each others' cocks. After we finished with that, and were lying side by fuck childen boy side, He said, "Wow... that was fantastic. Do you live around here?" I said no, I'm staying at the motel up the road a bit til monday morning. Then,after I see the clients I have to see on Monday, I'm heading back home to Maine." He said, ":What are you doing Sunday?" I said, "Not much of anything that I know of, Why?" He said, "Well, I was wondering, children defloration video if you'd be interested in a 3 way?" I said, "If the other guy is even half as sexy as you are, absolutely!" He said rather modestly, (with that sexy grin on his face again - honestly, nude child forum the look on his face made my dick start to twitch again) "Well, I don't know about the sexy part, but, He looks just like me, only a little grayer around the edges and around 20 childrens pussy photos years older... He's my dad... and I'll think you'll like him, because, he's children xxx pics into much the same things as we childrens hot photos are, in fact he taught me everything I know sexually.." You could have knocked me over with a feather at that point, cum child video and in spite of having one of the most intense cums that I'd ever had, my dick was on the rise again. Besides being turned on by big burly dirty minded truckers, my secret fantasy has always been to make it with a upskirts child sex real father/son team. Then nude children fotos he said looking at my hard dick, "Much as I'd love to have another go at it, I've really got to go, I have a delivery that I'm already late for, but how about you tell me where you are staying, and after I get done with the stuff I've got to do tomorrow, I'll pick up my dad and we'll meet you at your motel. photos lingerie child Then we incest children stories child analsex can all go out to dinner (our treat) and then We can figure hentai child gallery out what we want to do after that. So, we exchanged nudist girl child cell phone numbers and I told him where I was staying. Then I said, "By the way, my name is Mike" and he said, "Glad to meet you, Michael, (which i thought was significant, because only porno child galleries the people I'm closest to call me Michael and the ones who don't know me as well as they think they do, call me Mike... or even worse, Mikey. Which I hate. So I always Introduce myself as Mike and see where it goes from there.) My name is Billy (thats illegal childsex galleryes my real name Billy... not William... I will explain that to you later...) and My dad's name is Bill. We'll see you tomorrow... 6 o'clockish ok?? ) So sexy children fotos after a rather long naturist children undressing and passionate kiss, (there was ALOT of tongueing involved) freeporn naked children I got up put my naturism children gallery shoes and shorts back russian ilegal child nude child gallery on, (our jocks never came off) and climbed down out of the truck... I put my shirt back on, (which had dried out rather nicely russian child erotica but still smelled pleasantly of him) watched him pull out, and headed back to my car. The truck I had passed before I got to Billy's was long gone, but the guy and the pickup was still there, only now there were only 2 (different) guys waiting in line. I walked on to my car, and got in. I lit up my half smoked joint and finished it off... my dick was still hard as a rock. child voyeur pics and though I knew how I'd really like to get it go down,(namely a second round with Billy- the thought of having a 3way with Billy and his dad was exciting as childporn tgp all get out, but there was something about Billy that I just couldn't goth child nude get out of my children porn galeries mind-) I knew I had to do something. child russian nudists So I got out again and walked back to the pickup. i love childsex When I got there, the last guy was finishing up. So, as sweet nude child soon as he pulled out after cumming, I went up to the guy, and rubbed myself up against his backside. "I really need to get off once more before I leave, do you think you could help me out?" I whispered in his ear... He said "What did you have in mind?" I said, "I can feel the loads children sex picture dripping child sex malyshok out of you.. how many have you got up there?" nudest children top nymphs child "I lost count after 15..." So I said, "I really love eating out a well fucked hole... you up for it?" he said, "Sure" So, I got down behind him and pushed my face right tgp video child up into his fucked out hole... and the cum started pouring out... in my mouth and all over my face and shirt. It only took a couple of strokes and I was shooting all over the inside of my jock. illegal children sex He started groaning, girl child pussy pointed his dick back at me and added a hefty load of his own on my shirt. Then I got up, patted him on the ass, said thanks man and walked back to my car. I was exhausted, so when i fuck child pic got back to the motel, I took off my shoes and fell into bed, not even female childsex gallery bothering to get undressed. And as I drifted off to sleep, I was certain that my new friend Billy (and his dad more than likely) was going to enjoy hearing about my last escapade the following evening.... And it turned out I was right. child fucking child I'll tell you all about that (and more) in part 2... I really enjoy hearing comments about my stories... Email me at: and as I said, Comments are Enjoyed... Flames will be IgnoredAnd by the way, If you should feel the need childs sex kiddy to lecture me about the virtues of Safe Sex, please don't waste your time. All this happened a long time before there was any such thing as HIV/AIDS and Safe Sex was only a means to keep the girl you were child picture xxx fucking from getting pregnant.... 'Nuff said? YUP 'Nuff said!!
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